It all began with a conversation on an aeroplane…

Founded by a travel specialist and a designer, Light Flight was born from our desire to travel differently.

As frequent travellers, we understood the need for light and efficient hold luggage, but we didn't want to compromise on design. Because even though we often run from the airport to the hotel and back again, we always like to do so in style.

We set about creating a product that was as unique as the journeys we each make across the world every day, and Light Flight was born.

Bringing some refinement back into the world of luggage, Light Flight is an elegant and sophisticated answer to cabin luggage. It's a meeting of fashion and function, created in tasteful tones with subtle design details and clean lines, but also with tailored compartments and accessories that are designed around your capsule wardrobe.

Influenced by high fashion and the world of travel, Light Flight's range aims to make your travels easier, giving you maximum capacity in sizes suitable for the aircraft cabin.

Light Flight is designed around every movement you make whilst travelling, from packing and unpacking to moving through security, boarding the aircraft and exploring your destination.

Modern life can be hectic, but Light Flight embraces this. Less really is more when it comes to style, and that's Light Flight.

Light Flight

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